Halloween Mixtape #2


  • Release 2016
  • Genre Trap

Halloween is a time that my soul feels at ease. Whether it’s because I can where black every day without being judged or the fact that I can listen to spooky bass tunes I’m not sure.

With All Hallow’s Eve being today and WRECKVGE being the fiends that they are, we wanted to share a special mix of ghouls and ghosts with our audience. WRECKVGE is the in-your-face trap duo with no bounds and they’ve brought a mixtape of horrifying destruction to our ears. Their Halloween Mixtape #2 has a variety of dark and grimey tunes to sate your thirst for blood on this day of anarchy. This dj mix consists of bass, scares, and adrenaline to pump up your holiday party or scare away small children so you can bask in its unholy eerieness. From heavy trap to dirty dubstep and banging 4×4 beats, there is a little something spooky for everyone in this mix. Stream the mix below and scope out the tracklist underneath to swoop these tracks. It’s also a free download!